About us

The Coopersmith group is Family owned, proudly Australian and dedicated to providing quality commercial developments since 1949!

Builders since 1949
Coopersmith Group History

Brian Coopersmith began his career in the 1940's by completing his carpentary apprenticeship under his father (Harry).

During the 50s and 60s Coopersmith Group built 12-15 houses per annum plus 10 extensions.

In the early 60's he was asked by a client to build a factory for him, and this was the beginning of his commercial building career. Over the next few years Brian bought orchard land in Maroondah Hwy Ringwood and found tennants then began to build for them.

In 1996 he started his largest development with a group of partners purchasing 44 acres off CSR in Mitcham Rd Vermont. This prime commercial site has become one of the best commercial estates in Victoria, with over 100 building (office/warehouse being constructed) is now known as Redland Drive.

Brians son Brett commenced work with the company and after 4-5 months put together a deal purchasing 10 acres in Ringwood (Formerly Penguin Books) bringing in a number of partners.

Together over the last 14 years they have built and owned Etheridge Ford Ringwood, Ringwood Volkswagen, Ringwood Nissan and Ringwood Mazda.

Coopersmith Group Mission

Coopersmith Group connects people, projects and products across the design and construction industry. From project and product information to industry news, trends and forecasts, we provide industry players the tools and resources that help them save time, money, and energy.

Coopersmith Group is a national commercial construction services firm respected as a leader in "team approach" project delivery.

Coopersmith Group's mission is to serve its customers with quality construction services, which adds value to their projects. From planning through post construction, Coopersmith Group is committed to the project and the team. Coopersmith Group serves its clients by evaluating alternative solutions, providing creativity, and continuously challenging ideas to find the best options.

Delivering quality projects on time and within budget is the cornerstone on which the Coopersmith Group has build its reputation.

At Coopersmith Group, our quality program is founded on intelligent effort. Each aspect of our work product contains the elements necessary for quality. We have developed a comprehensive Quality Control System that begins with our preconstruction services and continues through post-construction, operation and maintenance.